Hope Love Shine

Stylish Cotton Face Mask with Filter Pocket, Handmade Floral Plaid design facemasks for women, washable reusable 3 layers, Ready to SHIP, Pack of 5

$34.90 $44.90

**Due to limited fabric availability, we are unable to offer large quantity of the same patterns. you will receive 5 assorted designs, no duplicates.  All are beautiful!
Pack of 5 Fashionable stylish face masks for women.

* 2 layers + 1 layer of cotton for filter pocket for PM 2.5 for medical mask for extra protection!
* Assorted Cute & Fun Designs!. Handmade with 100% cotton fabrics.
* Washable Reusable
* Already finished product and will ship right away! Quantity limited. We cannot make anymore of this design after inventory in out.

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